I know, it’s been a while for anyone whose read my work in the past. It’s still the same people, with the same editor, setting up a new place for us to opine on the world of government and business in our era. We haven’t come far from Occupy Wall Street or the blind rage of the Tea Party, and even today people are looking for leaders who will structurally change our system.

We were planning on getting this up years ago, but life has a way of stealing our focus. When I got to a point in my life where I could devote the time back into writing, I had no clue where to start or where to take us. Media headlines in this era are a predictable version of “he lied again” or “he’s still making a killing off taxpayers”. When our current not-a-politician in chief isn’t looking out for his own bottom line he’s whipping up support for nationalism as a solution to fixing that broken American Dream.

Therefore, the best service that we can offer is entertainment, relevant information, and maybe a few 80’s pop culture references now and then. This project isn’t a marketing campaign for anyone or anything, nor are we affiliated with any political entity. As always, we are just concerned members of the public who want a better life for everyone and a brighter future for our children.

And, yes, we are all likely voting for Bernie Sanders this next primary. I’ll be voting in the general election as well for the Democratic candidate no matter who that is. I would just be a lot happier with Sanders or Warren.

Excuse the dust while we reconfigure since it’s been a while.