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Muscle development, metabolic stress and mechanical stress

I’m a fan of metabolic stress. If, after a exercise, I am not wanting breath, really feel sweat operating down my temples, sizzle from a lactic acid burn, or bask within the glory of a pump, I get the exercise equal of blue. balls.

Just like the royal blue balls, it isn’t harmful, however I am slightly cranky till I discover a candy launch. So fill me up with work, please. Let my spirit animal shine, a mutant cross between a mule and a beaver.

That is why I used to be focused on studying concerning the 3/7 methodology. It is a set and rep scheme developed by French power coach Emmanuel Legeard within the early 2000s. It combines comparatively heavy weight (mechanical stress) with very quick relaxation durations (metabolic stress).

It has a few issues going for it. One, it is one of the time-efficient strategies, and two, it has strong analysis to again up its muscle constructing and strengthening credentials.

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