Flights into a war zone might seem like a welcome invitation for a Darwin Award, but many of the world’s worst tourists were extremely miffed about a temporary FAA ban on flights going into Israel after a rocket landed less than a mile from one of their airports.  Defending those Darwin Award seeking trolls is none other than Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz spent the last few days questioning whether that flight ban was some sort of overstep of power from the president… because of course.  He threatened to block all ambassadorial and diplomatic nominees from confirmation until those blocks were lifted.  Which they were on Wendnesday.  Which Ted Cruz didn’t seem to be listening to his own demands.

In fact, Ted Cruz now wants to investigate those FAA blocks on flights because he is just that much of an asshole.  He isn’t blocking nominations and processes within government just for political reasons… no, no, no… we should always put everything that the president says on trial before we allow it.  Because, fuck.. we are just that fucking stupid, right?

There are still serious questions as to the decision-making that went in to the ban on flights and whether it was driven by political consideration at the White House or by objective expert opinion at the agency,” Cruz drawled out through his minor speech impediment.

Why Israel?  Why was Israel singled out for a flight ban?  This is a question that Cruz wants answers to.  Rockets landing near that airport?  Pshaw!  How will Americans have a chance to get shot down on their way into Israel which would force our hands in sending more aid to murder people in Gaza?

Cruz is pushing an agenda that should be remembered at this moment should any planes be attacked near Israel.  That would be partially Ted Cruz to blame for allowing those flights in to begin with into an area we know was near an active Civil War.  If anyone is hurt because of Cruz’s demands aside from our political system for his nonsensical obstruction… we should all hold him accountable criminally for his part in this.


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