How do these assclowns get into office?  Senator Ted Cruz (R – Tex.) went on a media tour this weekend to put blame on President Obama for the migrant children coming up to the Southern border.  He put blame squarely onto the administration while at the same time professing outrage for how those children have suffered.

However, Cruz’s outrage only begins at the point when some family in Honduras or Guatemala decides to send their child up north.  He seems to not care or miss the connection of why those children would be sent into harm’s way to begin with.  And, of course, he is careful to point out the possible gang members hiding among those tiny tots which appeases his wingnut base without completely having to call for overly controversial means of stemming the flow of children (as in: by gunpoint to boot them into Mexico and ignore them).

Cruz spoke with Fox News’ Chris Wallace who responded to Cruz’s sad descriptions of those migrant children with, “You keep talking about helping the kids. One question I have is: How do you help the kids? I understand how it helps the United States not to allow them to come into this country. How does it help the kids to just say, ‘Hey, you’ve got to stay in Central America’?”

“You talk about the violence in Central America, the murder rate in some of these countries,” Wallace continued. “I’m not saying it’s our responsibility to help the kids, but it doesn’t help the kids.”

But Cruz didn’t let up about how much he was concerned for those children’s safety, and he goes into a long diatribe about the possible hardships that some children might face on their long trek to get to the border (missing the point of Wallace’s question completely). He seemed to be blaming the drug dealers who were trafficking these children for the reason they left to begin with (which had to kill Wallace somewhere deep inside).

After giving a gruesome description of children being forced to mutilate other children at gunpoint, Cruz continues to ignore the source of the problem.  “[Harry Reid and the democrats] don’t want to fix the problem, they want to keep having children come in in a situation where they’re brutalized. That doesn’t make any sense, and it’s not consistent with rule of law.”

I highlighted that one part of his speech to point out that, no, his accusations against democrats don’t make any sense at all.  Harry Reid will be either retired or dead by the time any of those children are of voting age, and they would only be a problem for democrats in the future as conservatives would gain more fuel against the social safety net.  So… democrats are purposefully trying to hang themselves politically in a long-term strategy that predicts those people will one day vote republicans out of office?  Yeah… that’s far-fetched and it doesn’t make any sense.  So, for once I agree with Ted Cruz.

Has anyone considered that these children are not streaming up to the border because of politics in DC?  I mean… Wallace seems like he is leaning that way in his question for Cruz, but isn’t it possible that these really are just refugee children from a humanitarian crisis that was happening before those kids fled?  Is it really that hard to believe that desperate Honduran families aren’t sitting around watching Fox News or MSNBC all day long?

Here is my suggestion… Tell the picture-seekers from congress flocking to the border to make a trip a bit further.  Go visit the areas that these children came from.


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