Tea Party leaders who want to legislate based on reality are getting caught between the conservative media rhetoric and what laws and statistics show.  Texas state Rep. David Simpson’s own Tea Party conservative constituents turned on him in a recent Town Hall for having the audacity to ask for compassion for the migrant children.  How does that adage go?  You made your bed and now you have to sleep in it?

Simpson obviously knows the scope of the problems, realizes that threatening the children won’t work, and doesn’t buy into the same fears that Fox News and Breitbart have been trolling onto their own audience.  A discarded soccer jersey was photographed and sent to Breitbart questioning whether the jersey was actually a “Muslim prayer rug” (you can’t make this shit up).  Fox News has been extremely focused on standard TB tests for border agents and the few dozen cases of scabies which you would think was an ebola-like plague from the way they have reported on it.  H1N1 vaccines were brought after 2 cases of “Swine Flu” were reported causing more disease fears.  However, the reality that these children were getting proper medical care after suffering through nearly intolerable conditions to arrive here is pretty amazing in itself and a reason to have pride in our country.

However, Simpson’s constituents didn’t feel the same way.  They have been feeding on the fears and are demanding irrational actions for the sake of action just to feel like something is being done.  Some conservative politicians have likened these children to nuclear devastation to bring some Cold War fear to the table as well.  Conservative media and the hard-liners are not willing to see these migrant children as anything but sub-human symbols of things they fear,

Simpson tread a path between compassion and fiscal conservatism according to the Longview News-Journal.

Simpson maintained a defense of the children he saw during his trip the first week of July.

“These children are fodder in this,” he said. “They are being assaulted. … I don’t believe in amnesty. I don’t believe in treating people who’ve crossed the border as a murderer. … I do think there should be a path, a legal path, for naturalization or citizenship. We’re a nation of immigrants.”

That didn’t work out very well for Simpson.

Here is Simpson calling for compassion near the end of the meeting using Christian values to try to sell it on his Tea Party constituents.  They refused to listen to Simpson’s comments about how these children aren’t trying to sneak in and are instead turning themselves in.  It just escalates as people tried to put his feet to the fire for immediate action.


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