Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (R) was upset that Attorney General Eric Holder wasn’t prosecuting more people for federal gun crimes.  I’m not kidding.  Republicans are upset that Holder won’t go along with an earmark program to expand federal gun prosecution called Project Exile.  The earmarks would greatly increase the power of the federal government to have jurisdiction over felons with ill-gotten guns and adds mandatory minimum sentencing in federal prisons (5 years+).

Holder didn’t think this was a hot idea, though.  He said that these types of cases should be handled at a local level without federal involvement.    Yes, this is a White House run by democrats telling republicans that they refuse to expand a federal program for the overreach of power that it is.  Oh, how the times have changed.

Project Exile is the work of former Attorney (and current FBI director) James Comey.  Comey is a frightening possible candidate for the Supreme Court who has mixed views which dart across political extremes and tend to make more people angry than assuaged.  Comey’s version of bi-partisanship is more of a “give me all of this and I’ll give you all of that”-approach which has created so many problems in Washington in the past by creating multiple elephants in the room to handle at once.

I found this story sort of hilarious for the amount of fear that republicans have over “gun-grabbing” from the Obama administration.  This is the Obama administration telling republicans that they refuse to expand prosecutions for gun crimes.  It seems that republicans are being trolled by their own elected officials.


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