Hmm… why would right-wing news have a problem with an intelligent black scientist who believes in evolution?  Seems like a far-fetched thing… those compassionate and over-thinking crowds on the right are usually so much more tolerant of the rest of humanity’s many perspectives.

Oh… wait.  Sorry, I must be thinking of someone else.  No, the republicans are pretty much douchebags who try to gain liberal ire in order to gain conservative popularity.  Because, anyone that can piss off a liberal is totally qualified for office… right?

On Bill Maher’s Real Time, Neil Degrasse Tyson visited again to lend his expansive vocabulary and jovial wisdom to the regularly partisan conversations on the show.  Maher got around to a question which was nagging him after the libertarians at the National Review wrote an article about Tyson titled, Smarter Than Thou: Why don’t republicans like Neil DeGrasse Tyson?

“They obviously don’t like you,” Bill Maher started while trying to fathom if it might be a racial or intelligence matter.  Pointing back at the National review he asked, “What are they getting at here?  What is the point?”

Tyson does believe that republicans are jealous of his position with the “nerd set” culture he is popular with.  Those are all possibly voters and he’s pretty positive that most of them self-identify as liberal democrats which the actual threat to republicans who dislike him publicly.  Tyson withheld from putting any anger or judgment on the National Review and instead was more interested in the idea of trying to sell republicans on their possible genetic similarities to a tree.

He’s a good guy, and he really loves his job.  That seems to be the real reason that republicans fear and loathe him.


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