Daniel Martinson is a murder suspect who had been eluding the police after a warrant came up for his arrest regarding a heinous murder in a small town in Southern Oregon.  Many locals had speculated on methamphetamine as an inciting factor in the brutal killing of a local man who had been seeking to rehabilitate his life.  Aaron Clouser will be missed by his friends, but there is no love spared for Martinson, even with his unconventional surrender.

Martinson wandered along the side of the street wearing what looks to be a Sham-Wow kilt (with a belt holding it in place) and a tree branch hat.  And that was it.  No shoes, no shirt, no nothing.  He was like a murderous Peter Pan who grew up after smoking too much pixie dust and wandered out of his bunker in the forest.

Martinson’s capture was a relief for local law enforcement who had been stretched with limited resources to apprehend Martinson for the warrant.  The densely forested lands, hills, and valleys were all known to Martinson who had grown up in that area which had only made it more difficult to find him.

I tend to believe that this shows a need to focus our technology smarter and not harder.  Police militarization following the announcement of a war on terrorism was compounded with terrible budget keeping and so we pushed our rural areas into positions that don’t make sense in modern society.  Our cops don’t need bigger guns and life is not a melodrama to add Hollywood extremism to.  Our police just need the tools to do their jobs and a healthy way for us to police the police a little better on other issues.

However, the look on that officer’s face… priceless. (Images check out and h/t to KTVL 10 and their Facebook page)

I’m just glad the caught him.  Do you think this is just the meth or possibly a meth-addled attempt at an insanity plea?  RIP Aaron Clouser.


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