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ACM.30 Enable an IAM administrator to run IAM-related batch jobs

This can be a continuation of my collection on automating cybersecurity metrics.

Initially, we created a batch admin person who was allowed to imagine the roles to run our batch jobs. On this publish, we wish to permit the IAM person we created earlier to imagine the batch job position that requires IAM permissions.

An AWS CLI profile with EC2 occasion metadata credentials

Earlier than we modify our batch job perform template, let’s have a look at what occurs once we attempt to take over the batch job perform utilizing the perform assigned to an EC2 occasion.

For example you wish to configure an AWS CLI profile to imagine the batch job position. Discover the ARN of the position we created for this batch job.

Navigate to IAM. Click on Options. Seek for “Lot”:

Click on BatchRoleDeployBatchJobCredentials that we created for this batch job that we’re utilizing to deploy our batch job supervisor credentials.

As proven in a earlier publish, copy the ARN by clicking the copy icon.

Add the next to your ~/.aws/config file:

Save the file. hit the exhaust [esc] key and kind:


Within the above setup, we’re making a CLI profile referred to as “batch” and working instructions with the required position.

We’d like some credentials to imagine this position and we’re telling the CLI to make use of the EC2 occasion credentials within the second line the place credential_source is Ec2InstanceMetadata.

I defined what EC2 metadata is and its relationship to the permissions granted to your EC2 occasion in a earlier publish:

I assume you’re following my directions above to run the scripts on an AWS occasion with an assigned IAM position.

Our batch job position has KMS permissions. Check your CLI profile by working the command to describe KMS key we created in a earlier publish. We allowed this person to carry out that motion in our key coverage. We will discover the CLI documentation for that command:

We have to go a key id:

You could find the important thing ID by navigating to KMS and searching for your key ID there, or by trying on the outcomes of your CloudFormation template:

Observe that I eliminated my key id within the screenshot above, however you will note one within the Worth column. We will use that id to run our CLI command. Change [keyid] along with your identification key within the following command:

aws kms describe-key --key-id [your key id] --profile batch

What occurs subsequent? You might be more likely to get an error when you have adopted my directions to the letter.

An error occurred (AccessDenied) when calling the AssumeRole operation: Person: arn:aws:sts::xxxxxxxxxx:assumed-role/xxxxxxx/i-xxxxxxxxx isn't approved to carry out: sts:AssumeRole on useful resource: arn:aws:iam::xxxxxxxxxxxxx:position/BatchRoleDeployBatchJobCredentials

The explanation we’re getting this error is as a result of we do not permit the person or position we configured on our EC2 occasion to take over the batch job position (BatchRoleDeployBatchjobCredentials).

Catch-22 to create credentials with a job that requires MFA to imagine

Let’s evaluate our belief coverage to see what we did. Navigate to the IAM dashboard within the AWS console. Click on on Roles and the position we are attempting to imagine. Click on on the “Belief Relationships” tab.

Do not forget that we’re permitting our BatchJobAdmin to take over our batch job roles, however solely when MFA is current.

So possibly we should always add our batch job credentials to the EC2 occasion so we will assume this position. However wait. The credentials for that person is what we’re attempting to create.

The issue is that we will not use the person from the batch job to create our credentials as a result of that is the person we’re attempting to create credentials for. Or in different phrases, permissions to deploy credentials can not rely upon the credentials we are attempting to deploy. Our catch 22.

Since I by no means wish to expose the batch job’s admin credentials to a human, I am going to have to make use of a distinct set of credentials to create them. We’ll use the IAM person to carry out this IAM-related job, finally via a batch job, however for now we wish to check that we will implement the credentials.

Modifying our position template to permit completely different ARNs to imagine a job

We now have a few choices to permit completely different identities to take over our batch job roles:

  • We might modify the batch job position template to go the assumed position principal when it’s deployed.
  • We might create a brand new CloudFormation position template particularly for this job or IAM directors.

I began with possibility two as a result of I believed it would assist keep away from batch job misconfigurations, however went again to possibility one to maintain issues easy. Nonetheless: we’re not finished with this template. It has some safety points which I’ll repair within the subsequent publish.

Modify our current batch job position to make it extra versatile. Check out batch_job_role.

That is the place I have to assign a distinct ARN, apart from the batch job supervisor.

I’ll substitute this with a parameter to go an ARN and assign this ARN to the handed parameter:

I am going to additionally have to edit the script within the batch_job_role folder to go an argument for use for the assumed position parameter:

I may even must go the position to imagine from the script within the job folder:

Navigate to your batch job folder:


Redeploy your batch job perform and go within the ARN for the IAM person we created in a earlier publish: [assume-role-arn-here]

In case you get this error, you must delete the coverage stack first since you are utilizing the credentials from the position stack. Then run once more.

In case you’re having issues the place the output names are lacking job names, be certain your script is appropriately passing the job identify, not an empty string. In case you’re simply utilizing my ultimate GitHub scripts after they’re obtainable, you should not have that downside.

Change again to the batch job position within the IAM console and confirm that the coverage within the Belief Relationships tab has modified as anticipated.

At all times confirm that your code has labored. After I first tried this code, I obtained no errors, however after I checked the position belief coverage, it was incorrect. I forgot a change and subsequently the template by no means up to date the position regardless that the template indicated a profitable deployment.

Give the IAM administrator permission to imagine the position

For the needs of this framework, I’m going to simulate an setting the place the pc that deploys the software program isn’t the identical pc that deploys the KMS keys. I’ve already created a separate IAM administrator.

Redeploy the batch job position and go within the IAM person ARN so you possibly can seize the position, with MFA.

Create a job profile for the IAM person that requires MFA

Observe the steps within the earlier weblog publish the place I defined easy methods to arrange an IAM profile that requires MFA. Create an iam and iamuser profile similar to the kms and kmsuser profiles within the publish beneath. Use the batch job perform in configuration as a substitute of the KMS administrator perform in publishing.

Strive the MFA profile

Now run the KMS describe key command once more, however embrace the brand new profile you configured. Now it ought to work.

We must always now be capable of use our iam CLI profile with the batch job position to create credentials for our batch job person.

Observe for updates.

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