Of course she did.  This is Michele Bachmann we are talking about here.  Which is why civil rights activist and co-host of the show, Van Jones should have been prepared more for the callousness which was surely doomed to spew forth from the Tea Party politician on CNN’s Crossfire .  If Bachmann is willing to double-down on dumb with Neil Cavuto of Fox News yelling at her, Jone’s opinions on not being a dick to other people were surely going to fall on deaf ears.

Bachmann would not stop about the other “foreign nationals” who are coming over the border and refused to talk about the children.  Refused.  Charlie Rangel sat to the side with a look on his face that was priceless.  Van Jones attempts repeatedly to get her to narrow down an opinion about the children and even suggested that her constant hawking of the most negative aspects of immigration in general was something those children should be blamed for.

Jones asked her, “Are you referring to the children as invaders?”

“Foreign nationals that have come into the United States are between 300,000 to 500,000,” Bachmann replied to Jones. “My heart is broken for a female college student in Minnesota who was raped, murdered and mutilated by a foreign national who came into our country. We had a school bus full of kids in Minnesota; four children were killed on that school bus because an illegal alien driving a van went into that schoolbus.”

It was like she didn’t even hear Van Jones talking.  She was there to express the point that she wanted to express without dealing with the politics.  You know… a “Tea Party republican”.  And, of course, Bachmann forgot that she was sitting next to Charlie Rangel.  Rangel is the guy that passively flung horrible accusations during his election campaign in a manner that Fox News would be proud of.  His humor and charm are usually always barbed (sort of like Ronald Reagan).  Bachmann’s floundering with Jones’ question gave Rangel the perfect entrance to calm the situation while kicking the hornet’s nest.

Rangel gave Bachmann her out on the line of questioning by telling Jones how Bachmann really feels… which happened to bring up other horrible things that Bachmann had been quoted in the media recently as saying.  But, no.  Not, “his Michele”, she wouldn’t say such horrible things.

[h/t Raw Story]


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