Iraq brought out the hippie in Senator Rand Paul, and republicans are not taking it kindly.  This all started with the future presidential hopes of Rick Perry, who decided to use Rand Paul’s rational thought on action in Iraq as a punching bag for his platform.  Paul answered back in Politico with some zingers about Perry’s hipster glasses.  Then conservative bloggers, senile war heroes, and media personalities started taking jabs at Paul… leaving Paul with very little support from his base.

I’ll get to some of those zingers in a moment, but one strange rumor that made it’s way into our inbox was an accusation about Rand Paul once again plagiarizing one of his books.  However, this one was just plain… weird.  A number of people had accused Rand Paul’s book, Government Bullies of plagiarizing a piece of fiction that had me saying, “wait… what?” through the entire book.

I’ll get back to that one in a moment.  However, the mudslinging from conservatives wasn’t too far off from that accusation for how viciously the attacks came at Paul (and the fight seems to be just starting).

(From ABC News Blog)

Perry: ”It’s disheartening to hear fellow Republicans, such as Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), suggest that our nation should ignore what’s happening in Iraq. … [ISIS] represents a real threat to our national security — to which Paul seems curiously blind.” 

Paul: ”There are many things I like about Texas Gov. Rick Perry. … But apparently his new glasses haven’t altered his perception of the world, or allowed him to see it any more clearly.”

Perry: ”Reagan identified Soviet communism as an existential threat to our national security and Western values, and he confronted this threat in every theater. … At the time, though, there were those who said that Reagan’s policies would push the Soviets to war. These voices instead promoted accommodation and timidity in the face of Soviet advancement as the surest path to peace. This, sadly, is the same policy of inaction that Paul advocates today. … Paul is drawing his own red line along the water’s edge, creating a giant moat where superpowers can retire from the world.”

Paul: ”If the governor continues to insist that these proposals mean I’m somehow ‘ignoring ISIS,’ I’ll make it my personal policy to ignore Rick Perry’s opinions.”

Perry: ”In the face of the advancement of the Islamic State, Paul and others suggest the best approach to this 21st-century threat is to do next to nothing. I personally don’t believe in a wait-and-see foreign policy for the United States.”

Paul: ”Tough talk like Perry’s might inspire some for the moment, but when bombast becomes policy it can have long and disastrous consequences. … On foreign policy, Perry couldn’t be more stuck in the past, doubling down on formulas that haven’t worked, parroting rhetoric that doesn’t make sense and reinforcing petulant attitudes that have cost our nation a great deal.”

The Young Turks covered the “cat fight” as well:

So is the book story true? Well, I had two accusations laid out at Paul over that book… one was that he ghost-wrote it and another was that he plagiarized it.  However, checking through the other books written by Gates didn’t seem to be anything political whatsoever.  I’d love to assume that Rand Paul is catfishing men on the internet with lesbian erotica, but I suppose Gates’ other works don’t really seem to be logically even worth considering to be true.  If Paul did steal from that romantic fantasy book… I didn’t see where.  However, it was worth the laugh for how much hatred is being spewed within the GOP party during election time.

Why can’t they just take an example from Hillary and Joe Biden?  They should just argue about how their bank accounts are smaller than the other person’s…. wait… sorry, forgot I was talking about republicans.  I guess maybe they could argue about how they own fewer slaves than the other guy?


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