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Stewart Mocks Impeachment Demands For ‘Tyranny’

stewart mocks tyranny

House republicans are certain of one thing.  They like the sentiments spewed from Sarah Palin in her demands for impeachment, but they are still working on their understanding on the word “tyrant”.  The Daily Show’s John Stewart perused through the complaints from republicans echoing that sentiment from Sarah Palin who didn’t quit their jobs.

It seems that tyranny is great for garnering campaign support from conservatives, but falls short of impeachment when it might hurt them at elections.  Not only does this give a new flavor to the words, “tyrannical Dictator”, it also makes Stewart’s writers get comedy-boners.


After mocking the video from Sarah Palin’s Facebook page (as well as knocking himself for being on her page), he showed clips from republicans standing on soap-boxes for impeachment but having different attitudes towards that line of reasoning when they sat in front of media.  Republicans were instead hanging their hats on Boehner’s lawsuit  to put the president on trial for his tyranny… which the substance of that lawsuit was oddly in-line with the House’s own demands which they now consider an overreach of power from the president.

Stewart’s summary of this theatrical production from republicans was perfect. “Finally, we the people will be represented by our elected representatives’ legal representation… As the Founding Fathers envisioned when they were tripping on mushrooms.”


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