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Homophones From Homophobes: Utah English School Fires Blogger For Similarity In Words

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A homophone.  You know… like ‘where’ and ‘wear’.  They sound the same but they are spelled differently because they are different words.  This is basic English.  However, a blogger working for a Provo, Utah English language education center was fired for his use of the word ‘homophones’ in a blog post.  Why?  Because they thought it sounded gay.

You know how grown adults are.  Always running around like Beavis and Butthead getting endless entertainment from vaguely sexual words that people use in everyday language.  Nomen Global, “America’s English Language Institute”, knows that Americans are all sexually oppressed morons who say things like, “that’s what she said” in job interviews.

According to Paul Rolly at the St. Lake Tribune, Tim Torkildson was let go by his employers following a blog post all about homophones.  His employer, Clarke Woodger felt that Torkildson’s article would associate the school with homosexuality.


Yes.  This school teaches English, if I failed to make that clear enough earlier.

Torkildson reported that Woodger told him, “Now our school is going to be associated with homosexuality.”  He reportedly posted the exchange between Woodger and himself on Facebook, and since the story broke yesterday, Nomen Global has deleted or removed their Facebook page.

The school removed the post from their blogspot page.  So we don’t even have the chance to snicker at the root word “homo”.  Humanity is named from the Latin word homo which is shortened from hominids (where we get homo sapien).  In Greek, homo means “same” or similar.  We get words like homonym, homophone, homodemic, and homogenate.  None of those words are sexual or even closely imply anything sexual.

However, this is “America’s English” they claim to teach at Nomen Global, and homo means gay in their repressed little brains.

Yes.  This school teaches English.  I can’t repeat that enough.

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