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GOP Displays Their Source Of Obamacare Misinformation

An active ALEC member who is a Tennessee State Senator recently displayed to the country where all of this Obamacare misinformation and naivety over the entire process was originating from.  Brian Kelsey (R-Ten.) recently swarmed up to visiting HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for a photo-op of a gift he wanted to present to her… Do-it-Yourself Web Sites for Dummies.

It would be a cute joke if this was one web developer handing that book to a colleague who was having issues, however… Kelsey isn’t a developer.  Kelsey’s education suggests that his vast experience with computers involves lots of spreadsheets and legal forms.  So, the notion that this was a joke goes out the window with the missing players to make it funny.  Sebelius was passing by the freshmen who you can see behind her in the gray suit up against the wall in the photo below.  The guy with the little smirk on his face.

If this is the type of help that republicans are offering when America is having problems, then we don’t need republicans in office.



Daily News Sebelius Website for Dummies


That book was printed in 2010 and instructs you through building a website using outdated software… Which definitely explains some things about the GOP’s naivety on the technical aspects of Big Data (which really wasn’t mainstream until the end of 2012).

Brian Kelsey is a moron of a whole new type.  Even the Tea Party thinks he is an idiot.  If the Tea Party makes you look stupid… Wow.  Just, Wow.  Enough said.





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