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Ferguson Police Threaten Media Again: ‘Get the F#@$ out of here or you’re getting shelled with this!’

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On Sunday, another reporter in Ferguson, Missouri was threatened by an officer for using a light while filming.  The officer yelled at a reporter from the Argus Radio Livestream and threatened to shoot him with the weapon he was holding if the reporter did not comply before stomping away in anger.

You can barely hear the beginning of the complaints from police as the reporter shined his equipment at a dumpster that was on fire.  “Turn that sh*t off!”, someone yells at the reporter, and then louder, “Turn off that light!”

The reporter behind the camera is then told to “get down” which he responds, “I’m down.”


“Get the f*ck out of here!”, the officer screams, “You get that light off or you’re getting shelled with this.”  The reporter then complies by getting up and turning off the light on his equipment while at the same time pointing it down to where the officer was yelling. The officer continued to swear at the reporter and told him that he was in their way (which his perched position off to the side of the conflict seems to imply otherwise).

However, before he could get the officer on video, he fled.  A Captain Todd then came up to speak with the reporter who was shaken and angry from being verbally accosted and threatened by the officer.  It didn’t seem that Todd was going to follow through on anything from what the reporter told him, but a separate reporter who witnessed the event, Parker Higgins, claims that Todd did return with information about the officer who had threatened the reporter on camera.

Is this protecting and serving, or is this fear of the media?

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