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England Sold Nerve Gas To Syria 10 Months After War Began

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is taking another hit after being denied support in aiding the US in Syria this weekend.  Lawmakers are furious with the discovery that chemical export licenses were granted to private firms 10 months after the Syrian uprising started.

Mark Bitel of the Campaign Against Arms Trade had this to say:

“The UK Government claims to have an ethical policy on arms exports, but when it comes down to practice the reality is very different.

“The Government is hypocritical to talk about chemical weapons if it’s granting licences to companies to export to regimes such as Syria.

“We saw David Cameron, in the wake of the Arab Spring, rushing off to the Middle East with arms companies to promote business.”

Chemical weapons have been used in Syria and that is not being disputed at all at this time.  There were scattered reports of possible rebel mishandling of Saudi attained chemical weapons of their own, but the consensus seems to be that Assad’s forces did, in fact, carry out chemical weapons attacks which killed people indiscriminately.  Men, women, and children had no chance of escape from torturous chemicals.  And now David Cameron’s Conservative Party will have to answer for possibly being a part of those deadly attacks.

The chemical exports were argued to have industrial uses aside from making weapons, but critics aren’t accepting that answer.  Selling chemical compounds to a country in the middle of a civil war that can be easily altered into deadly weapons is possibly a worse offense than selling arms to the battling Syrians.  When it was found that the exact ingredients needed to create nerve gas were sold to Syria… that must have spun a few heads.

This is what happens when we let business dictate policy and  try to hand over the role of government to private interests.  Business does not operate on ethical codes which humanity survives by.  Business believes that greed trumps all.



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