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CO State Senator Says Methane In Water From Fracking Is Good For Warmth

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Colorado State Senator Randy Baumgardner (R) had some facts to give to Colorado voters which he claims he learned in fracking “seminars” which are free to attend.  He was addressing a question from a rightwing sycophant who was encouraging private energy drilling by farmers and homeowners.   Baumgardner’s information about how toxic chemicals injected at nearly a thousand feet below the surface never come up to do any harm is obviously missing the point.  However, Baumgardner’s advice on methane gets a little odd.

“They talk about methane in the water, and this and that and the other,” Baumgardner drawled, “But if you go back in history and look at how the Indians traveled; they traveled to the Burning Waters.  And, that was methane in the water and that was for warmth in the wintertime.  So, a lot of people, if they just traced back the history, they’ll know how all- a lot of this is propaganda.”

I guess I shouldn’t expect too much from interviews that follow events like that Western Conservative Summit.  I honestly expected more intelligence from Denver, considering that we had to be tortured by John Denver’s songs which were basically an elongated hand-job for Colorado’s abundant natural resources.  I certainly shouldn’t have expected much from the interviewer Gordon Klingenshit… Klingonshit?… wait… one sec…

Klingenschmitt!  Damn.  I can barely say it, much less spell it.

Klingenschmitt had a failed bid for political office in Colorado’s District 15, and he got into the media personality business shortly after his court-martial from the military in 2011.  Klingon-…(sorry)… Klingenschmitt most likely has a room in his basement where nobody is allowed to go.

However, Baumgardner’s suggestion that your drinking water can become your new source of heating fuel for the winter… is just moronic.

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